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Moving into a bigger apartment is always exciting. But for me, the most exciting part was setting up the room for my boys. We had always slept together despite having a 2 bedroom apartment because the second room was mostly used by friends and family who visited quite often. But now, there's a separate space for the kids to sleep, play and store all their toys! Now, we don't have lego blocks killing our feet in the middle of the living room, or paw patrol animals scattered throughout our home. It's a whole new world not only for my sons, but for me also. Needless to say I became a pinterest mom as soon as we moved. I thought of the most creative ways to store their toys and decorate their room at the same time. I googled day and night. And a month later we still aren't done! But the excitement hasn't worn off. Alhamdulillah my boys love having their own play space. They enjoy inviting friends and taking them somewhere they can be loud and messy. The only time their excitement levels decrease is when they need to sleep separately. But I have to say, they have been very good and I really can't complain about that transition. Watch out for another post on how I managed the sleep transition. Until then please enjoy our superhero wall 🙂 . . . . #momlife #momofboys #motherhood #mothers #parenting #parenthood #parentlife #lifewithkids #momblogger #ilovemyfamily #ilovemyboys #pinterestinspired #roomdecor #boys #boysroomdecor #excitedboys #excited #independent #creativespace #superheroes #toys #toyorganization