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Day 2: ‘Vision is the ability to see what others can’t’ Yesterday we spoke about Clarity and this being the roadmap to seeing your vision come to pass. Sometimes people will not understand what you can see, they may even call you crazy! Let’s take a lesson from the writer and King Hezekiah that said to write vision down, so that whoever reads it can run with it! As a parent what is your vision for your family? Where do you want to see your children in 30 days, 60 and next year. As a spouse/partner what do you want to get out of the relationship. What do you want to achieve as a couple. As a single person, the same. What do you want for your business? The strategy is the same....write it down. I leave this with you......what can you see that others can’t? #vision #2020 #family #selfdiscoveryjourney #selfdiscovery #womensupportingwomen #womenempowerment #parenting #entrepreneur #business #businesswoman