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This little girl is a daddy's girl! After breastfeeding for 13 months I am so happy its his turn for the constant bonding. Its great to be the one your child always wants but its also so tiring. . I am beyond lucky to have such an amazing partner who can handle all of our kids even when I'm not around. . It takes a real man or woman to be a proper parent. . Our 2 older children call us mom and dad, but both of them have absent parents. My daughters birth father was never really "there" and after we left he was in and a out till about a year ago and then he just stopped. *note we don't fight or hate eachother* he just got tired of trying I guess. . My sons birth mother wasnt around after birth but once in a blue moon for a year or so maybe. She had her first son to take care of and if my boyfriend handnt wanted our son then he would have gone up for adoption. . Our kids dont feel like anything is missing though. I mean if our kids ever ask why one isnt around I just say "some people are good at math and others arnt. Some people are good at fixing cars and others arnt. So with that in mind, some people are good are being parents and others arnt." They understand that and it isnt "talking bad" about the person, but also isnt saying anything good about these people who dont want to be in their lives. . I wont make excuses for them and I WONT say that they still love them. I will not let my children think that this kind of toxic behavior is what LOVE is. Thankfully it will probably be a few more years before we have to have a more in depth talk about it like that. For now our kids have their true parents who love them and thats good enough to keep them happy . . . . . . #momlife #dadlife #parenting #stepparents #mixedfamily #fall #autum #weekend #bigfamily #toddlermom #bestdad #thankful #halloween