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When life seems uncertain, when you are not sure which way to turn, when you are faced with different problems and you don't know how to solve them, when it looks like you have tried over and over again and nothing is shifting, when you are simply afraid of how things will turn out, when it looks like everything is falling apart around you, when things are going anything but right... What keeps you is to trust in the love that God has for you. Trust that God loves you, trust that God wants the best for you, trust that God will do right by you, trust that God is a promise keeper, trust that you are not alone, trust that He always has your back, trust that He has you covered. Rest in this assurance that God is undeniably, powerfully, recklessly in love with you. #relationships #relationshipblueprint #relationshipblueprintacademy #blueprintformarriage #marriageheavenonearth #healthyrelationships #healthyyou #selflove #family #relationshipstrategist #coach #parenting #buildingnationsonefamilyatatime